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Have you seen a beautiful mobile cover on the internet and can’t find the same in your area or is it not for the model you want? Or the cover is too costly? Don’t worry.. DIYs are your saviours.. Check this really easy DIY and you can create mobile covers under less than 20 Rs. without giving much time! Let’s see what all you need.

Materials Required:
1. A transparent back cover of the required phone model.
2. A paper of your choice (You can either buy holography paper, pattern patter or any solid coloured paper as per your choice or if you want a specific design, download it from the internet and print it)
3. Glue (optional)
Let’s begin!!
1. Put your phone on the desired paper and trace shape of your phone. To be precise with the rectangular cutting, remove the back panel of your phone and trace it on the paper.
2. After the paper of required size is cut, keep the back panel of the phone on it again and trace/mark the area you need to cut for the flashlight, speaker, logo and the camera of your phone.
3. Cut those traced shapes using a paper cutter or whatever available. (You don’t have to be very neat)

4. Your designer paper is ready to be used.

5. Place it inside the cover as shown and check if the cutting is proper. If it’s showing a little, you can trim off the access.
6. Once everything is well adjusted, place the phone on the transparent cover with the paper you’ve cut and properly put the cover on.
The paper you have just placed will not go anywhere and thus doesn’t require glue. However, its completely up to your choice, if you want to secure it, you can glue it up with any adhesive. Make sure to glue the paper on your transparent cover and not on the back panel of your screen unlike mobile screens so that you can change the cover whenever you feel like. 🙂

8. Voila!! Without much time and much effort, your new mobile cover is ready!
You can create multiple covers and change them frequently.

Let people wonder!!!
You can also print your pictures and do the same trick to have a beautiful cover if you want to avoid paying so much for customised mobile covers!

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