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Removing makeup effectively is the key to a good and healthy skin. Sometimes even after washing our face properly, there are still some tiny stubborn particles left which may settle in to our pores and clog them which in return may lead to acne, breakouts and other skin problems.
Today I am sharing a very easy and effective DIY make up remover with you all which will take away all the makeup from your face within eight to tenseconds, make it look deep cleaned and moisturise your skin at the same time. This makeup remover is actually effective on all types of makeup…
So, washing your face is not the perfect solution to remove your makeup. A makeup remover is necessary but we are too lazy to invest in high cost makeup removers flooded in the market. So, let’s check this easy DIY method to make your makeup remover at home with easily available and affordable ingredients.
People with oily skin might think that this post is useless for them as this DIY needs a lot of oils. No! It isn’t. Even if your skin is oily, you still need to provide it with some necessary oils and moisture. I also have a magic ingredient for people with oily skin in this makeup remover. So let’s check what do we need.
1. Two tsp Pure Coconut Oil or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (I am using crude coconut oil which my uncle brought for me from Kerala because it is unrefined, unfiltered and without any additives unlike the deodorized and bleached refined coconut oil in the market)
People who prefer Olive Oil over Coconut Oil may switch to 2 tsp Olive Oil.

2. One tsp Glycerin (You could also use 1 tsp Castor Oil but I had gylcerin in hand, so I used it)

3. One tsp Non Alcoholic Witch Hazel or Astringent (This step can be skipped and you could use a herbal face wash instead)

4. One tsp Lemon Juice (I use lemon juice a lot, so I extract it in advance and store it in this bottle)

You can skip lemon juice if you have a sensitive skin but for people with combination to oily skin, this is an amazing ingredient.

5. An empty air tight container

6. A table spoon

If you have a Dry Skin, you can add half tsp lemon juice and increase the quantity of Coconut Oil or Olive Oil, Glycerin or Castor Oil. I hope I have made all the ingredients quite clear. 

1. Take an empty container and add 2 tsp Coconut Oil in it.

2. Now add 1 tsp Non Alcoholic Witch Hazel or Astringent in it. Mix both the ingredients well.

3. Add 1 tsp Glycerin or Castor Oil to this mixture.

4. Last but not the least, add 1 tsp lemon juice in the container.

Mix all the ingredients really well using a stirrer or spoon and you’re good to go.

Your DIY makeup remover is ready to use.

You can store this mixture in refrigerator for good three months. I am using crude coconut oil which doesn’t freeze. If you are using some other coconut oil, it will turn in to a solid form. So whenever you need to apply it, either slightly warm it up in the microwave and shake once again before using or take a little amount of this remover to your fingers and warm it up a little by rubbing it.
Demonstration Time!
Let’s apply lots of lipstick first..!!

Now adding a beautiful black eyeliner to it.

Now making a beautiful pattern by using another eye liner, waterproof this time..

Wow. Looks pretty! Haha! I should do an eye make up tutorial like this..! Lol!
Now I’m taking a piece of sponge, a soft cloth and my DIY makeup remover.

First dip the sponge in the remover and squeeze off the excess remover back into the container.

Apply it to your make up in dabbing motions. You can see the result by just dabbing it. My makeup got loose within 3 to 4 seconds.

Massage the oils on your skin and gently rub the soft sponge to remove the makeup. You could also use makeup removing wipes, a soft cloth, a cotton ball or whatever you prefer. The sponge I am using is really really soft and gentle on my skin.


Look at how the sponge has soaked all my makeup in it and skin impurities as well.

Now if a little stubborn makeup is left, you don’t want to keep rubbing that sponge on it as it may start hurting your skin.

If using makeup remover wipes, for this final step, take a new one and repeat this process once again to get rid of all the makeup from your face.


Wow! My hand looks as if it never had any makeup on it. 

Even if your skin looks clean and clear, always use a new wipe at the end as a final step and you will be shocked to see some little product left. Look at this wipe. I felt my hand was clean but it absorbed some product even then. If you remove your makeup properly and wisely, you will have a big amount of reduction in your acne or skin problems.

I love this DIY and it was so easy. Try this makeup remover at home and do tell me how uch you liked it. If you are looking for a DIY Makeup Setting Spray, click here.

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