DIY: Hair Oil for Overall Hair Health

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It has been a long time that you guys are asking for my DIY and most of you wanted one for hair. I really wanted to share this DIY with you all but first I wanted to be hundred percent sure of its result and everything. Well after a really long wait, I am finally here to help you guys a little bit. From the past two months, I have been really busy with PR packages and their reviews which is one of the primary reasons I am not able to share anything else on this blog. Well I hope my reviews are helpful to you. Let me know if you want any other DIY or home remedy.. I will definitely skip a review to post that for you. Also, I don’t want to fill this blog with a lot of DIYs and natural treatments that are not very effective, easy or just for the sake of it.

Our hair are the biggest jewelry we carry and totally deserve a lot of care and proper treatment to keep them happy and healthy. Choosing the right kind of oils and ingredients for your hair is very important to maintain them. Oiling should not be just done by applying a little oil on the scalp, you should make sure you massage it really well instead. Oil massage is very very beneficial in increasing the blood circulation in the scalp making the hair beautiful, strong and nourished. It is best to leave it overnight, but in case you cannot leave it for the entire night, you should atleast keep the oil in your hair atleast for 2 hours to make it work effectively for you. Remember, being consistent is the key to success for anything. You should atleast oil your hair once in a week and at most thrice.

Anyways, today I have brought a really easy DIY for you which is completely based on my knowledge of hair care essentials and certain trial and errors. Now that I am very sure of its result, I am sharing it with you all. Basically, I have made a hair oil using ingredients that work amazingly for my hair and give me a lot of benefits.. You can obviously increase or decrease the ingredients I am sharing with you in case it works wonders for you or is not suitable for your hair.. Without blabbering much, lets jump into the tutorial..


1. Sweet Almond Oil – 100 ml

2. Castor Oil – 25 ml

3. Coconut Oil (Unrefined preferably) – 200 ml

4. Fenugreek Seeds/Methi Dana – 1 tablespoon

5. Black Seeds/Nigella Seeds/Kalonji – 1 tablespoon

6. Flax Seeds/Alsi – 1 tablespoon

7. Triphala Powder – 1 tablespoon

8. Rosemary Essential Oil – 15 drops  (Optional)
9. Onion Essential Oil – 15 drops (Optional)

You can use any oil available in the nearest pharmacy.. If Triphala powder is not available in your country, you can definitely skip it.. If you want to make more oil, you can increase the ingredients ratio accordingly..

1. Take the above mentioned ratio of Sweet Almond and Castor Oil in a large bowl. Stir it well to incorporate them in each other.

2. Add the mixture of Fenugreek Seeds, Black Seeds, Flax Seeds and Triphala Powder to this oil.

3. Stir again and mix everything well.

4. Cover the bowl using a muslin cloth or net and keep it in sunlight to get infused for around two weeks.

5. After two weeks, the mixture of all seeds would have settled at the bottom and the oil would have come up like this.

6. Strain the mixture to get the infused oil and store it in an air tight container or any bottle you may have. You will notice that the oil has actually reduced in quantity..

7. Do not throw this mixture of seeds..

8. Now add the above mentioned quantity of coconut oil (whichever you prefer) in this mixture and again keep it in sunlight to get infused for one week.

9. After one week, strain the infused coconut oil and mix the first oil with it.

10. Store this oil in any bottle and now add the essential oils. You can definitely skip if you don’t have them. I have added them here but somehow lost the pictures. Shake the bottle well to mix everything properly. I have stored it in an old hair oil bottle…

Your DIY Hair Oil is ready!!

Benefits of this oil:

  • Improves overall hair health
  • Increases blood circulation in the scalp
  • Increases hair growth
  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Strengthens the roots
  • Prevents and controls hair fall
  • Treats scalp infections
  • Calming and soothing if rosemary essential oil added
  • Controls hair frizz
Frequency of applying this oil: As I mentioned above, you should apply any hair oil atleast once a week for good results.

So that’s it for today guys.. I hope you liked this tutorial and I wish it works as amazingly for you as it does for me.. If you like it, make sure to +1’d this post, share it on all social media portals and shower some love on me. Don’t forget to share the results with me..

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  1. Great blog and very nice post. Hair care is must for any beauty conscious person. Here your tutorial on making the right hair oil looks really useful and informative. Thanks for sharing.

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