Premium Brands worth Rs. 2700 in just Rs. 299 in December Glamego Box

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Today I am going to review and unbox December Glamego Box for you all.. This time the box provides premium brands’ products worth Rs. 2700 in just Rs. 299. The order process and subscription plans of this box are same just like I mentioned in my April and August unboxing..

Glamego has become the top subscription boxes in India within such a short span of time because of it’s hardwork and dedication. It continues to surprise me every month by it’s amazing selection of products for us.

Trust me, it has never failed to impress me because each month the quality of products keep increasing and satisfy me highly, that too just in Rs. 299. If you are interested in knowing what is in the Glamego Box for the month of December and how much has it impressed me, then please keep on reading this post till the end..

Availability: Glamego’s Website

Subscription Plans:


This time the box came in an eco friendly box which had the order details on it.

The actual box is much lighter and shorter this time. Since we are in December, the theme of the box is identical to winters, has a beautiful sky blue color and a cute Santa in the centre along with the brand logo at the bottom.

Overall, the packaging is very cute and gives me winter vibes. A big thumbs up to Glamego designing team from my side for contriving such a cute box..

Each month the products are individually bubble wrapped and very securely kept inside the box. This time nothing was bubble wrapped but was securely kept in hay. I don’t really mind bubble wrapping or hay until and unless my products as safe and spill proof.

Inside the Box:

This time the box has four products inside it. Glamego has introduced two elite brands in India through this month’s box.. When you open the box, you see two leaflets inside.

The first one has the pricing details of the products inside the box..

The second leaflet introduces Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator and Natural Bath & Body Sea Clay Mask which are the two star products of this month’s box.

This time there are two full sized products and two deluxe sized samples given in the box. No discount coupon has been given but don’t worry! The products you receive in this month’s box will make you forget about every other thing..

So here is the list of all four products received in the box..

1. Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator:

Cost: Rs. 2100

My Thoughts: This product from international brand, Manna Kadar was formerly known as Sheer Glo and is definitely the star product of this box because it costs Rupees 2100. I wanted to buy this product from a really long time but I was not wiling to pay it’s import taxes on Amazon!

This product has a beautiful glow to it and keeps the makeup look very glowing yet subtle. It can be mixed in your daily cream or foundation for a dewy look and can be used alone as a highlighter as well.

The glow is very beautiful and can be worn to college, office, meeting, event or a glam evening. Honestly, I love it so much and would keep it safely for special occasions!!!

2. Natural Bath & Body Sea Clay Mask

Cost: Rs. 175

My Thoughts: This is a sea green colored face mask that comes in a matte black, plastic, deluxe sized tube. This product is perfect for winter to moisturise your skin and to rejuvenate it.

It gives a soothing effect to the face and does not irritate it. It removes the dead skin cells very effectively and makes it look clean and bright. It does not make the skin dry or itchy. It has a mild smell and looks identical to Myoho Handcrafted Luxuries Gardenia French Green Clay Mask..

3. Bio Bloom Foot Cream:

Cost: Upto Rs. 230

My Thoughts: This is a sample sized product which is exclusively made for Glamego box. It’s key ingredient is Eucalyptus which not only soothes skin but also moisturises and heals it. It is quite thick in consistency but spreads very evenly on the skin like a balm.

It has a strong minty sort of smell but is not overpowering. It is free from parabens, formaldehyde, sulphates and petrochemicals. I can’t wait to see how beautifully it works on my feet in winters..

4. Mond’Sub Crystal Collagen Gold Eye Mask:

Cost: Rs. 200

My Thoughts: Mond’Sub is not a new brand to me but I really like it. It’s face masks are very effective and are a good competition to other well established brands in the market. I haven’t used this gold eye mask yet..

These days, I have a very hectic routine and my eyes are often very very tired by the end of the day. I think this is going to be a great rescue for me.. This eye mask is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin..

Final Verdict:

Overall, this month’s box is a big hit for me as I love the products given inside and the product packaging. Glamego provides elite brands products to us like IPSY and BIRCH BOX at a very affordable rate.

I am sure this box will be everyone’s favorite within a day or two because it has some amazing products in it. I love all the products but Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator is obviously my most favorite..

I can’t wait to try all these products soon and give you a detailed review about them.. I hope you all liked this unboxing..

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