Chikungunya Treatment

Chikungunya is a viral disease that a lot of people are being diagnosed with these days and generally the symptoms are fever and joint pain.. To prevent it, use mosquito repellent on exposed skin.
Additionally, a person with chikungunya fever should limit their exposure to mosquito bites in order to avoid further spreading the infection.

Homeopathy has very effective treatment for this disease. After diagnosis of Chikungunya, homeopathic treatment should be started as early as possible. In continuation with homeopathic medicine, one should also take decoction of Giloy twice a day..
Now what is “Decoction of Giloy”?
Giloy is also known as a wonder herb. It is really useful in curing many many diseases (you can Google about it as there is a lot of information). Giloy herb is easily available at almost all herbal stores.
Take few stems of this herb and boil it in water.. If you also add Tulsi leaves, it would work even better. Crush both the ingredients and add 1 litre of water to it. Put it on stove at low flame and cook it till mixture reduces to 250 ml. Once it is cooled, sieve it and store the water. This decoction helps in increasing the blood platelets effectively. Give this juice/decoction three times a day to your patient.
PS: Consult your doctor before taking this but this remedy has no side effects.
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