Review: Bio Bloom Face Radiance Oil

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Today I am going to review Bio Bloom Face Radiance Oil with you all which I received in my January 2018 Glamego Box. This oil claims to be an “Age Defying & Radiance Booster” and has been formulated for both men & women. It is especially made to diminish fine lines & wrinkles & is highly recommended for ageing, dull and damaged skin.

I asked my mum to use it for me to know how exactly it works but used it myself as well although I am young so that the quality of my skin remains good and improves over time. Also, it is recommended to start taking care of wrinkles and ageing skin once you cross 18 years of age.

I have also reviewed Bio Bloom Eucalyptus Foot Cream and Bio Bloom Hair Cleanser (Hibiscus, Amla and Brahmi) on this blog, so don’t forget to check them out. If you are interested in knowing how to use this product, how it worked on me and my mum, will I recommend it or not and what is my final verdict about the product, then please keep on reading this post till the end.

Product Description: Claims:

  • Radiance Booster: Enhances Skin Radiance by aiding in Skin Lightening & Rejuvenation
  • Age Defying: Diminishes Fine Lines & Wrinkles and Repairs Dull & Damaged Skin
  • Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES & Recommended for ALL AGE GROUPS
  • 100% Natural, LLP, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum & Petrochemical Free, Paraben Free, Synthetic Fragrance Free

Directions of Usage:


Cost: Rs. 1499 for 15 ml

Shelf Life: 24 months

Availability: Official Website, Flipkart, Amazon


This product comes in a carton packaging which has all the necessary details mentioned on it.

The oil comes in a dark colored, glass bottle to prevent light oxidation and has a golden colored, dropper with it. The overall packaging is classic, convenient and leak proof.

Smell: Slightly strong, citrus like

Consistency: Thick

My Experience:

This review is based upon my oily, acne prone, sensitive and problematic skin. I received this product in winters and started using it then only. Due to its thick consistency, it feels little heavy on the skin and takes time to completely get absorbed. But the amount of nourishment and moisturisation it gives to the skin, is enough for winters. I could easily skip a moisturiser with it and it worked well for me.

It not only keeps the skin moisturised in winters, but also starts working within three days to repair dead skin cells and adds a healthy glow to the face. It has a strong scent which everyone may not like. Even I didn’t like it initially but got used to it soon. It makes the skin even toned and brighter after regular usage.

Just four drops of this oil are enough for my face. It keeps the skin hydrated all day long. Also, upon regular usage, I noticed that it reduced my acne scars and reduced pigmentation around my under eye and mouth area. I also applied it on my lips to avail maximum benefit of its goodness.

I also asked my mum to use it for me and she found a visible reduction in her fine lines. It reduces wrinkles with time as it works on maintaining the quality of skin, making it appear tight, youthful and glowing. It also tightens pores and improves the overall condition of the skin.

Now coming to how it performs in summers, I would not recommend it because it is really heavy and I cannot tolerate it in summers. It makes my skin very oily and shiny and I feel like washing it off right way. I think it is a really good serum but only for winters.. If you can tolerate a heavy serum on your face in summers as well, then you must try it out.

Pros of Bio Bloom Face Radiance Oil:

*100% natural and organic
*Cruelty free
*Improves overall condition of skin
*Deeply moisturises and nourishes skin
*Adds a healthy glow
*Reduces wrinkles visibly
*Doesn’t clog pores

Cons of Bio Bloom Face Radiance Oil:

*Slight strong scent
*Not good for summers

Will I purchase it?

Yes. I love how this oil worked on me and my mum, so I’ll definitely purchase it again.

Will I recommend it?

Yes. It is a really good oil to improve your skin’s condition and keep it moisturised but I would only recommend to use it in winters, atleast by people who share same skin type like me.

Is it worth the money?

Yes. Although it is pricey, it works beautifully, just as claimed, so I find it completely worth the price.

My Ratings: 4.8/5

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