Review: Bi-Feather King Eye Brow Hair Remover & Trimmer

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to review Bi-Feather King Eye Brow Hair Remover & Trimmer which I bought approximately two years ago from Snapdeal. I am so happy about it even today so there we go with the review..

Packaging: The body material is of really cheap quality plastic but the trimmer comes in a velvet cloth carrying pouch. I don’t have it now as my trimmer is two years old which I already mentioned. The pack also contains a cute little brush to clean the trimmer blades. I am inserting the original packaging picture from Google.

Size: 17×2.5 cm

Directions to use and how to operate: This trimmer operates on an AA battery which is not included in the package. The package also has necessary instructions on it which should be read once before using it. The switch should be pushed towards the blade to turn the trimmer on and in the same way, it should be pulled away from the blade to turn it off.

Price: MRP not mentioned but Rs. 200 on average. I bought it for Rs. 150 two years ago from a local shop.
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Pros of Bi-Feather King Eye Brow Hair Remover & Trimmer:
1. The trimmer is very light weight and slim which makes it travel friendly. (Actually very travel friendly)
2. It functions on a cell battery and can be used any time on the go. I prefer battery trimmers more than charging ones as they cannot be used instantly.
3. The blades are very smooth and gentle on the skin. They do not scratch the skin unlike other low end trimmers.
4. The product is very affordable and requires no maintenance as such. (I have just replaced two cells in two years)
5. It is very narrow and can be used to trim areas which are hard to reach or between eyebrows, upper lips, finger hair etc.
6. The blades vibrate in to and fro motion at a very fast speed thus the hair removal process is very painless and there is no hair plucking, pulling or stucking in it.
7. It is very convenient to use as the handle is designed in such a way that it is easy to use in every nook and corner of the body, helps reach all the curves and corners and use at all angles.
Cons of Bi-Feather King Eye Brow Hair Remover & Trimmer:
1. The material quality of the body is really cheap but I don’t mind it as I don’t expect better quality in this range.
2. The fitting is not good. The switch as well as the cells lid, both are loose in mine and I have to hold them quite tightly to prevent it from falling down. I don’t know if it is just a manufacturing defect in mine or in all trimmers out there.

3. The MRP is not mentioned on the package thus it is available at different costs in different shops and online stores.
4. It doesn’t trim very very neatly, thus it cannot be compared to how waxing or a razor shows.

Is the product affordable? Is it worth the money?
Ah I need not say a YES as by now you would know how much I love this trimmer. It is definitely very affordable and I love the fact that it requires almost no maintenance. If you ask me is it worth the money, I would say it is more than that. I can’t believe a beauty appliance to work so so so well in such a low price.

Demo: I am sorry for those hair but every one has them. Haha!

My Recommendation: This trimmer is really handy and works well. So if you are looking for a handy and quick trimmer which won’t acquire much space in your vanity or travel bag, go for this one. It is not the best trimmer out there but it is great in its performance and budget. Whenever I’m in a hurry, it is my savior! Not best for hands, but definitely works good for underarms, eyebrows, upper lips, hair on fingers etc on the go!

Would I buy it again?

I don’t think that I need to because this one has lasted me so long and I am sure it will last even longer but if I have to buy this one again, I would love to grab it. I just wish the packaging and fitting gets a little better.

My Ratings: 4/5

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