Top 3 Best Natural Insect Repellents for Babies and Kids

As a mother, it is obvious on my part to get concerned about my child’s health. Moreover, living in India, you cannot avoid mosquitoes and hence, mothers are always concerned about the diseases that may be caused due to them. When it comes to infants, the worries get increased even more as they cannot do anything on their own and are totally dependent on us.

At least, children above 4 years of age can tell their parents about skin irritations or move away from places where there are plenty of mosquitoes, flies, bugs, etc. As a mom of a five months old baby, I was looking for promising and best natural insect repellents in India, so that I could be sure of my child’s safety, even if I am busy in the kitchen, doing laundry or working on my laptop.

I began my search for the best natural insect repellents on Google and came across many of them. I wanted to buy only one that is the best but there was a difficult competition going on. So, I decided to filter my search and prioritize the products according to “genuine” reviews, look for “Amazon’s Choice” and “Google Recommendations”.

A lot of baby care brands are competing against each other in the Indian market. I found products from Ole, Mama Earth, Chicco, Mother Sparsh, Bugaway, Good Knight, Dabur Odomos, Kavach, etc. There were many types of insect repellents available, such as patches, roll-ons, drops, creams, and sprays.

My criteria was to focus on products under Rs. 250 (according to current prices and not MRP), meant for babies as well as for adults and of course, safe to be used. It was a difficult choice and eventually, I ended up buying four insect repellents on a budget and thought why not review them and compile a list of my recommendations in a single blog post.

After all, I am a product reviewer too and it is my responsibility to help moms buy the best products for their babies. So, here is my list of top 3 best natural insect repellents in India. I have tried some more of them apart from the three, so don’t worry. Individual reviews will also be published on the blog.

Top 3 Best Natural Insect Repellents in India

So, these are the three best natural insect repellents in India according to me. Just a little disclaimer out there – what works for me or Arhum might not work for you and your baby. This compilation is based on my personal experience. Most importantly, by this article, I am in no way demoting any other baby care brand in India. I am in no way saying that the other natural insect repellents in India are not worth buying or are not good. I am just recommending the best amongst those I have tried.

1. Mother Sparsh Insect Repellent

Mother Sparsh Insect Repellent


Rs. 249 for 100 ml


Mother Sparsh’s Official Website,  Amazon, FirstCry

My Experience with Mother Sparsh Insect Repellent:

Mother Sparsh Insect Repellent is my first choice for the best natural insect repellents in India. It is an effective combination of the best Ayurvedic herbs. It comes in a hygienic spray bottle with high-quality manufacturing. The pump dispenser is of good quality and there is enough spray in one go. Hence, I spray only two pumps on the exposed parts of Arhum’s body and I am good to go.

Mother Sparsh Insect Repellent has a mild and mesmerizing citrus smell, due to its natural ingredients such as lemongrass, citronella, eucalyptus, and camphor. The product gets absorbed into the skin quickly and provides extremely satisfying protection from insects from good eight to twelve hours. It is one of the most effective and safe natural insect repellents in India.

I love the fact that is easy to use, free from DEET and other harmful chemicals and specially made for babies. It doesn’t cause any side effects or irritation on the skin. And most importantly, it creates herbal armor without any bad smell. I first used it on my skin to make sure that it was as effective as I thought and no surprise, it was.

The best thing about it is that it soothes the skin incredibly due to the natural essential oils present in it. Just in case, you forgot applying it and an insect bites your baby, you can apply it after the bite and the inflammation and irritation will be instantly gone. It is very soothing and calming, hence I totally love and recommend it.

Pros of Mother Sparsh Insect Repellent:

  • Mild, pleasant, citrus smell
  • Made up of natural ingredients
  • DEET free
  • Creates herbal armor for the child
  • 100% natural and safe
  • Easy to use
  • No side effects
  • Travel-friendly and hygienic packaging
  • Provides long-lasting protection anytime, anywhere

Cons of Mother Sparsh Insect Repellent:

  • Only available in the leading stores of Tamil Nadu and Delhi
  • Slightly sticky for a few minutes

2. Nutree Pure Bugaway Herbal Mosquito Repellent Oil Spray


Rs. 200 for 100 ml


Amazon, Medlife, Snapdeal, Flipkart

My Experience with Nutree Pure Bugaway Herbal Mosquito Repellent Oil Spray:

When I bought Nutree Pure Bugaway Herbal Mosquito Repellent Oil Spray, I knew that it was either going to be one of the best natural insect repellents or wouldn’t be effective at all. I haven’t heard of this brand yet, except for this particular product and with many positive reviews, I had a few doubts. I thought either it may work amazingly or the reviews might not be true.

Well, first of all, I was super happy and excited to grab on the deal at only Rs. 169. When I opened the pack, I liked the informative and secure packaging as well. The pump has a good quality and the bottle is lightweight and travel-friendly.

I sprinkled Nutree Pure Bugaway Herbal Mosquito Repellent Oil Spray on Arhum’s hands and legs and around him. At first, I did not like the smell at all as it identical to neem. However, the smell is not very strong and I am now used to it. Moreover, results mattered to me more than the smell and I was happy to observe them.

This insect repellent spray gets absorbed within a few seconds and provides protection from insects all night long. The smell vanishes within a few minutes and only 2-3 pumps are more than enough. The product is very effective, safe and affordable.

Pros of Nutree Pure Bugaway Herbal Mosquito Repellent Oil Spray:

  • Effective
  • Provides all night protection
  • Affordable and inexpensive
  • Little quantity required
  • Herbal and completely safe
  • DEET free
  • Doesn’t kill mosquitoes, just keeps them away
  • Suitable for all ages

Cons of Nutree Pure Bugaway Herbal Mosquito Repellent Oil Spray:

  • Smell not “babyish”
  • Not available offline

3. Chicco Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel


Rs. 249 for 50 ml


FirstCry, Nykaa, Flipkart

My Experience with Chicco Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel:

Chicco Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel is the third one amongst my list of best natural insect repellents in India. I love this one as its formulation is great and it is non-sticky. I apply it in a very small quantity on Arhum’s skin and we are good to go. There are no skin irritation or dryness issues. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and is very effective.

Once applied, I do not need applications for five-six hours. The smell of Chicco Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel is also good and doesn’t bother me or Arhum. It provides even protection to the skin with its gentle formulation. The gel sinks deep into the skin and doesn’t stay on as a layer. The gel is white in color and hence, no stains.

I love the fact that it is effective against all mosquitoes, including the ones spreading dengue and chikungunya. As it is specifically made for babies, I get totally assured for its ingredients without any worries. The only issue for me is its price point but if you can spend higher, it is a good choice to go with.

Pros of Chicco Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel:

  • Available in different quantity packs
  • Non-sticky
  • No side effects
  • Easy to carry
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Free from alcohol

Cons of Chicco Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel:

  • Pricier
  • Not easily available offline

I hope my list of top 3 best natural insect repellents in India helps you find the best product for your baby. I just hope the brands listen to me and these products are readily available in the market, so that I can buy them on-the-go and can suggest to all the moms in my locality. Not everyone buys online, right?

Also, I’d like to give another disclaimer that the performance of these insect repellents may also vary according to your child’s skin type. I need more frequent applications as Arhum is more prone to mosquitoes bites than other babies of his age. Well, he hired this from me. 🙂 So, you might find different suggestions when you look for the best mosquito repellent cream India, as everyone’s experiences are different.

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