Hearty Diaries Just Got An Amazing Animated Logo!

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing good… I just got an animated logo and felt like sharing it with you all.

I made my logo around two and a half years ago and love it to bits. I also have a YouTube Channel which I am not very consistent on, but I occasionally post videos there. These days logo animations are everywhere and I wanted to have the same for my channel as well. So I started looking for a good animated logo maker online and went across a lot of websites and logo makers.

Eventually I landed on a website called Video Club and explored it. The website claimed to provide high quality, professional video logo animations to make videos look attractive and stand out. I wanted something exactly like that which could draw attention of everyone and promote Hearty Diaries. I decided to give Video Club a try and went ahead with the animated logo making procedure.

I thought the process will be difficult and the pricing will be high but to my surprise, both of them were not! Creating my animated logo was so easy. All I had to do was to upload my logo in .png format, enter my name and email address, do the payment, sit back and relax! Everything else was their responsibility and all I had to do was waiting. I waited for around a day and my animated logo was delivered to me via email.

I just loved the result and could not thank myself enough for choosing a great website for the same. Honestly, I was little hesitant and unsure but the website proved me wrong. They did a wonderful job and delivered a really engaging and professional looking animated logo for my YouTube Channel.

Have a look at it here…

I have seen many different websites and free animated logo makers online but none of them had an appeal to them. I did not feel impressed by the quality and presentation of the logo. They all looked cheap and cheesy, honestly! I cannot rave enough about Video Club and would highly suggest you all to try it out if you are also looking for an animated logo. I just wish that they add up some customization options such as preferred animation or transition style, templates, music etc… Anyways, they did a great job for me and I like the service!



Order Procedure:

Go to https://www.videoclub.com.au/ 

Scroll down and you will come across this form.

All you have to simply do is, fill in your name and email address, and upload your logo in PNG format. If you have a coupon code, apply it or else, proceed with the order to make the payment and finalize everything.

So this was my quick review for today. I hope I helped you out and you also loved my animated logo as much as I do.

Feel free to drop your comments below and ask me if you have any queries.

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