Get to Know Me

Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for scrolling through my blog and finally coming over here.. It took me for about five months to finally sit down and write an intro. No matter how much of an extrovert you are, it is really difficult to express yourself.

I am Zeba Noor, a final year graduation student. I love Physics and Chemistry but if you ask me to choose one, I’ll choose Physics. I really hated it in school but started loving it in college. Now don’t form a bad impression, lets just move on with the intro! I am just another girl who has always been passionate about expressing herself and penning down her feelings. I always wanted to have a blog before even knowing what it exactly is and how it works. When I made this blog, I really had no idea about its niche. I just knew I wanted to write but didn’t know what to write.

Initially I wrote articles but one fine day, I decided to post my review about Nivea Roll-on Deodorant because I’ve always loved expressing myself and I wanted to write how much I love it. Soon my blog turned into a review blog along with DIYs and natural treatments. With time, I realized my love and passion for this field. I really enjoy what I write and never post something until and unless I’m not 100% sure about it.

I am a big skin care and hair care enthusiast but that doesn’t make my love for makeup any less either. I love playing with vibrant colors, put on a lot of drama on my eyes, curl my lashes, put a dab of lipstick and look sassy! No matter what I do, I can still not perfect my wing eyeliner, the real struggle.*Chuckles*

I have really oilyacne prone and sensitive skin in summers but it feels little better in winters. My skin never gets dry even in winters which is the proof of how oily my skin is. Oily skin is a bane, a big bane. Its a complete issue in itself and I am still fighting with my skin type to combat the problems it causes. I have always had acne and really bad breakouts since I entered my teenage and got even more whenever I applied makeup. This made me more of a natural skincare person and less of a makeup girl but as I grew up, I learnt more and more about makeup, importance of a primer and how to do it correctly to avoid acne and other skin problems. I don’t get acne after applying makeup now but I try to be myself most of the time and apply makeup only on special occasions.

Coming to my hair type, I have thin-fine hair and I always crave for thick, voluminous hair. I am not someone who has a specific hair length agenda. I love healthy hair, be it short or long. I don’t understand the existence of super long but unhealthy, split ended hair. My acne problem and thin hair have made me try a thousands of things which has made me a big skin and hair care person. I am more of a “do-it-yourself” person and believe in treating my issues naturally first at home. This is the reason I keep on sharing natural treatments here on my blog. My Nani (Maternal Grandmother) is one of the biggest reasons of me trying and believing natural home remedies.

If you’re still reading this, let me tell you one more thing about myself. Having super-sensitive skin, I got photo-allergic a while ago and got terrible allergies, rashes and sunburns whenever I was exposed to the sun for more than twenty minutes. I left going in the sun completely which made me a Vitamin D deficient for one and a half year. I had to go through a really long treatment and consume fish and other stuff to gain the important nutrients back. This incident has made me more cautious about good health and taking care of our diet.

I am a very loving person and a big chatterbox. I enjoy myself to the fullest in smallest things such as spending time with my loved ones, having a good hair day, meeting my besties, being in my pyjamas, eating chocolates, playing with my two year old nephew, watching movies and so on. From my childhood, my siblings call me a nerd (though I am not) because I didn’t play games with them. From the day I remember to this date, I have never played computer/video/mobile games. When we were young, my sister would pass out all the levels of the hardest games but the only level I cleared as far I remember was the Level 1, World 1 of Mario! Haha! What a shame, I know. Even today, my friends, family, siblings, everyone has atleast one game in their phones but I’ve never enjoyed any game except Tetris 😀

Don’t assume me as a outdoor player as well. Even though I played outdoor games more than indoor, I never played them a lot as well. I like balancing games and play Jenga, sometimes. I love taking pictures and buying new clothes and footwear. You can never get bored with me… I have a total of nine piercings and find them really cool. I’ve always to be independent and make my parents feel proud of me. My parents are most important to me and my father has made me really disciplined today while my mother has made me very organised. One thing I love about my parents is that they always tell us one little story that has something to teach us every night at the dinner till date. Their stories motivate and inspire me and teach me to be a better and better person each day.

I love making friends (loyal ones) and keep on thinking about my new blog posts whenever I get free. I know its really enough and I really thank you for reading it till now but I literally don’t wanna stop even here..! Well, lets leave it on time because with time, you’ll get to know me more.