5 Proven Ways to Treat Back Pain Naturally

*Guest Blog Post by Amanda Ruggeri

Among all the body pains, back pain is the most common and problematic. In this fast-paced world, back pain has become a major problem for a majority of the people. Either you have an office job, or you stay at home to look after household chorus; you might experience an excruciating back pain at the end of the day. There may be a number of reasons behind it. Most of the aged people report back pain as a regular problem.

While it is possible to treat back with the help of pain relievers, they also have severe side effects. In this article, we will explain the 5 best natural proven ways to treat back pain. We have conducted extensive studies on them and they are completely harmless for you.

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How to Naturally Treat Back Pain?

Following are the best 5 useful ways to treat your back pain:


It might sound surprising to you that we are suggesting you do some work out while you are already in pain. On the contrary, exercising for back pain is very helpful. Simple stretching helps in the release of chemicals such as endorphins which are your body’s natural defense against pain. Exercise also helps in strengthening of muscles and avoids further pain.

In order to get rid of the back pain you need to do the following work out steps:

  • While standing straight bend forward till the point you can tolerate the pain. Keep on slightly increasing the angle of bending each time. Carry on this step for 10-12 times. You can also do the same backward.
  • Place your hands on your pelvic bone and move your hips in a circular motion.
  • Lie down straight on an exercise mat and try to pull yourself up.

All of these steps can help you to reduce back pain and also keep you fit. Walking regularly for 30 minutes a day also helps in managing your back pain.

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Another way to deal with chronic back pain is massage therapy. You will require the help of another person and massage oil in this method. There are a couple of massages that can help you deal with back pain. One targets the upper area of the back and other one counters the lower back pain.

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  • Upper Back Pain Massage

Upper back pain usually starts from the lower ribs and extends till the back of your neck. This pain can happen due to extra strain in muscles. In order to get rid of this pain, you can get your neck, shoulders and lower area gently massaged for 10-15 minutes. Your shoulders and back side of the neck have pressure points. Stress on these points causes pain. When these points are massaged, the blood flow improves and you feel better.

  • Lower Back Pain

People who sit for longer periods of time or drive extensively often report this problem. Lower back pain is also very common in older people and pregnant women. This therapy includes massaging the muscles that connect the last rib to the pelvis and the hip muscles. Ask your therapist to massage the pelvic muscles of both sides for 20 minutes (10 each) and then massage the hip muscles for 15 minutes. Please keep in mind that your therapist should carry out this massage with long and continuous strokes. If you don’t have enough time to meet a therapist then try out MB4 massage chair that is known to treat the lower back pain.

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Ice and Heat Therapy:

Medical Research has shown that applying ice wrapped up in a towel or an ice-bag is really helpful in dealing with pain in the first 48 hours of its occurrence. The reason behind this is that the ice reduces the muscle inflammation and decreases the blood supply to the injured muscle. If the pain persists, you can switch to heat therapy. After the 48 hours of ice application, the healing process has been started and you need to make sure that the paining muscles get a fresh supply of blood. Applying heat to the area increases the blood flow and muscles get more nutrients through blood. Make sure that you do not apply ice or heat for more than 15 minutes continuously on your body. This method is particularly helpful in random back pains or injury related pains.

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Epsom Salt Bath:

A hot water bath is relaxing when you are exhausted. In order to treat your back pain, you can add 1-2 cups of Epsom salt in a hot water bath. Let the salt mix in water for ten minutes and then just get in the tub and relax. Epsom salt is easily available at a nearby grocery store and is a proven method to help relieve all types of body pain. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and has been used for decades to deal with body pains. It is recommended that you stay in Epsom-water bath for at least 30 minutes and you can have this bath thrice a week for better results.

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Lose Some Extra Weight:

It is your back that has to carry all your weight. Specifically, it is the lower back that carries the extra pounds at your belly. When you are overweight, pressure on your back muscles and spinal cord increase. The extra weight at the front of your body can cause your spinal cord to bend a little and this can cause extreme pain. You can carry out a diet plan and a workout regime in order to stay in shape and control your back pain. Studies have shown that people who are not overweight have lesser back problems. In the long run, being overweight can also lead to many other diseases.

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We are hopeful that you will be able to treat your back pain with the help of above mentioned natural ways. It is possible that the methods mentioned above may have different results on different people depending upon the intensity of their pain. You can choose the one that gives you the best result. If you do not feel any difference in your back pain after applying the above techniques, please consult your doctor.

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